The passive houses (term that comes from the German ‘passivhaus’) are homes with a very low energy consumption (almost zero) and are characterized by offering a very good thermal comfort without the need of air conditioning throughout the year.


Insulation in walls and cover.

The insulation is much better than that of any traditional house to avoid on the one hand in winter that between the cold and the heat is lost and on the other in summer that the heat warms the house and that the cold air escapes.

Elimination of thermal bridges

(the boxes of the blinds, pillars on the facade, window frames and windows, etc.) We will avoid heat losses, save on heating costs and avoid the appearance of pathologies by condensation such as mold.

High performance doors and windows.

The passive houses have windows with double or triple glazing installed to contribute to the great thermal and acoustic insulation that characterizes them.

The orientation of the house is a clear factor.

This way we will orientate the houses to the south in the colder climates to take advantage of the solar radiation and to the north in the very hot climates to avoid that the sun warms the house in excess and to be able to take advantage of the ventilation.

Air tightness and mechanical ventilation with energy recovery.

The outer envelope of the building must be as air-tight as possible and thanks to the energy recovery we ensure excellent air quality and indoor thermal comfort. With this system (which consumes like a refrigerator) and a small contribution of heat (pellet stove) it will be unnecessary to install any traditional heating system.


Renewable Primary Energy Requirements:

Passive House Classic / Casa Pasiva Clásico

Demand PER ≤ 60 kWh/(m²a) ± 15kWh (m²a) deviation

Generation of renewable energy ≥ NOT REQUIRED

Passive House Plus / Casa Pasiva Plus

Demand PER ≤ 45 kWh/(m²a) ± 15kWh (m²a) deviation

Generation of renewable energy ≥ 60 kWh/(m²a)

Passive House Premium / Casa Pasiva Premium

Demand PER ≤ 30 kWh/(m²a) ± 15kWh (m²a) deviation

Generation of renewable energy ≥ 120 kWh/(m²a)

 Plan de energías renovables

Energía renovable


In the “Passivhaus Premium” certificate, the idea is that the energy produced by the home is greater than the energy consumed.

The objective therefore is to achieve profitability of the investment that involves certifying a building under the Passivhaus seal through the dumping of energy into the network, selling the surplus.